Conveying shoes

Cera Pipe

Conveying shoes

When it comes to pneumatic conveying systems for solids, the task is always to move the material that is to be conveyed from a silo and into a central continuous conveying line. When deflecting the conveyed material from the vertical fall direction and into the horizontal conveying direction, the conveyed mate- rial rubs against the pipe wall and causes wear at that point. A heavy stress caused by the pipe material also occurs in this area due to the turbulences where the solid enters the main conveying flow. The lining of the conveying shoes with ceramic achieves a significant extension of the service life. Thanks to our technology, the infeed curve, which is the main element of the conveying shoe can be monolithically manufactured from one piece of ceramic. The ceramic linings are either completely joint-free or the joints are only arranged transversely to the direction of flow. As a result, there are no points of attack located in the critical area where wear could set in. The sheer hardness of the ceramic lining also ensures that no material erosion caused by the conveyed material could occur.


Areas of application

  • At silo infeed points into the main conveying line
  • As an injector conveying shoe

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