Ball valve KBR

Cera Valve

Ball valve KBR

The CeraValve type KBR is a particularly robust, metallic ball valve for the open / close function for abrasive and excessive abrasive media, preferred for applications when pneumatically transporting bulk materials. Both the shaft as well as the shaft in-sert and the seats are designed in a particularly stable manner. The valve can be pressurised from both sides. The functional principle is based upon the floating ball (trunnion mounted ball as of DN 150 / 6˝). The seat rings are pressed against the ball by means of spring elements. The round geometrical shape of the ball bore is standard. This ball valve has a “two part body” design. These valves are available with manual lever or gear box, as well as with pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators. All customary actuators can be used as ¼-turn valve actuators. Special connections are possible.


Areas of application

Pneumatic conveying:

  • Bulk material silo, silo drain valve,  Conveying valve for media such as: Fly ash, cement, glass, sand, plaster, ore …

Power plants:

  • Fly ash, plaster, lime …

Steel works:

  • Ore, coal, coke …

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