Sliding Disc Valve SVC

Cera Valve

Sliding Disc Valve SVC (4-Plattenschieber)

The SVC-type valve is a sliding disc valve with a ceramic sealing system for open/close function and control tasks, for use in highly corrosive and extremely abrasive media. It is designed for extreme conditions, where either high switching frequencies and a long service life are required, or where severe abrasion occurs in the control position but dead space cannot be permitted inside the valve.The functional principle is based on four floating ceramic discs that seal against each other. The 2 middle discs shift linearly against each other in opposite directions.Different geometric shapes of disc apertures permit specific control characteristics. The two outer discs are stationary.The medium only comes into contact with ceramic components and seals, so that special materials are normally not required for the housing.


Areas of application

Waste incineration plants:

  • Dosing of HCl washing water (prewasher)
  • Dosed addition of lime milk to absorber (pH control, desulphurisation)

Silicon industry:

  • Trichlorosilane sector (replacement for bellows valves)

Chemical industry:

  • Alternative to PTFE/PFA-lined valves, where medium is abrasive and/or tends to diffusion.
  • Alternatives to valves manufactured from special materials (e.g. Hastelloy, titanium, etc.).

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