Sliding Disc Valve SDL

Cera Valve

Sliding Disc Valve SDL (2 - 10)

The SDL-type valve is a sliding disc valve with a ceramic sealing system for open/close function, for use in highly corrosive and abrasive media.The valve is designed for extreme conditions, where high switching frequencies and a long service life are required, but dead space cannot be permitted inside the valve.Control functions can be realised using a switching frequency control system.The medium comes into contact not only with the ceramic discs, but also with housing parts and seals. Alongside the standard solutions, other material combinations are possible, depending on operating conditions.This slide valve type is designed for very small volume flow rates in the nominal width range from below 1 mm up to 10 mm. Pressures of up to 250 bar / 3600 psi are permitted here.The connections are designed with internal threads as stan-dard. Other connection variants are possible.The functional principle is based on three floating ceramic discs that seal against each other. The middle disc shifts linearly, while the two outer discs are stationary.Opening and closing take place through the vertical displacement of the middle disc.The valves are supplied both with a T-handle and prepared for attachment to a drive unit. All customary actuators can be used as drive units. As standard solution, the slide valves are offered with electromagnets, with linear stepping motors and with pneumatic cylinders.The actuator is mounted by means of a yoke and adapter arrangement. Special connections are possible.


Areas of application

  • Dosing systems
  • Spraying systems (paints + varnishes)
  • Analysis technology
  • General mechanical engineering

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