Pipes and reducers

Cera Pipe

Pipes & reducers

Pipes with ceramic lining are used in highly-abrasive media.

  • Points that are particularly exposed are:
  • Points downstream of pipe elbows
  • Points downstream of control valves
  • Extensions downstream of pumps
  • Branches

A ceramically-lined calming section of 10 x D (pipe nominal size) should be provided at this point. As the pipes with ceramic lining are manufactured with nominal size conformity, it is possible to perform retrofitting without the need to make pipeline adjustments. Reducers serve as a central transition between two pipe sizes in order to reduce or extend. Additional turbulences occur as a result of the nominal size transitions, which can lead to a high level of wear when solid-laden media is used. The ceramic lining protects the pipeline at these points and ensures long operating service lives. Two lengths are offered as standard. The short length is the shortest possible transition with a gradient angle of below 15°. The long length is primarily recommended for cases where a smaller resistance is required or where there is a risk of the media being crushed or destroyed.


Areas of application

  • Following pumps as an extension
  • At system transition points
  • Points downstream of throttle sections as an extension

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