Pipe elbows coated steel

Cera Pipe

Ceramic elbows with coated steel coated steel jacket

The ceramic lined pipe elbows are used in highly-abrasive and corrosive media. A monolithic curved ceramic segment is threaded into a HALAR-coated steel jacket with fixed flanges. The gap between the steel jacket and the ceramic is filled with temperature and chemical-resistant putty and has a dampening effect. An ideal level of wear protection is ensured thanks to the use of premium engineering ceramics and an appropriate dimensioning of the radius. Thanks to thin-walled ceramic, it is possible to manufacture these pipe elbows with nominal size conformity. As a result, the ceramic pipe elbows can be retrofitted into existing plants with the need to make pipeline adjustments. Radii can be adjusted by means of respective leg extensions.


Areas of application

Dye production:

  • Titanium oxide suspension
  • Iron oxide suspension

Waste incineration plants:

  • Suspension in the HCL prewasher

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