Pipe elbows GRP

Cera Pipe

Pipe elbows with GRP casing

These ceramic-lined pipe elbows can be used with very abra-sive and corrosive media. The monolithically curved ceramic segment is sheathed in glass fiber reinforced plastic. Corre -sponding connection pieces (flanges, couplings, clamps etc.) can also be ceramic-lined and sheathed. By using high-quality engineered ceramic and the right radius, we guarantee optimum wear protection. Thanks to thin-walled ceramics, pipe elbows can be manufactured that conform to standard nominal pipe sizes. This means that ceramic elbows can be retrofitted into existing systems without having to make changes to the pipeline. Radii can be adapted using shank extensions. This model is characterized by its light weight design.


Areas of application

Plastics industry:

  • Pneumatic transportation of glass fiber reinforced plastics

Food industry:

  • Pneumatic transportation of rice and muesli
  • Pneumatic transportation of mineral feed


  • Pneumatic transportation of enamel

Metal industry:

  • Suction systems (e.g. metal swarf)

Blast furnaces:

  • Pneumatic transportation of substitute fuels (plastics)

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