Ball valve KSV

Cera Valve

Ball valve KSV

The CeraValve type KSV is a ceramic lined ball valve for the open / close function as well as for trottling control applications for use in excessively abrasive and corrosive applications. The basic principle of this valve is based on a floating ball sealing against the downstream seat, using differential pressure as sea-ling force. Both seats are fixed while the ball has a predetermi-ned “float space”. The ceramic components of the valve are held within the metal housing which absorbs the physical load and vibration of the pipe system. The ¼-turn movement of the ball (0-90 °) yields a specific valve opening. The ball slot is available in in several different geometrical shapes depending on the desired flow characteristic for the application. The three piece design of the valve allows for direct connection to existing pipelines without the need for pipe reducers in front and behind the valve. For example, the valve can be configured with 3.0˝ flanges with a 2.0˝ center body. The end flanges accommodates the direct mount to the 3.0˝ pipe while the reduced (2.0˝) center body provides for optimum selection of installed valve trim and also reduces weight and costs of the valve and installation. Actuator connection is done by a yoke interface that meets the dimen-sional standards of ISO 5211. This provides for a direct center of most all ¼ turn actuation including, pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic actuators. 10 position locking manual hand levers and manual gear operators are also available. The yoke interface is removable and able to be easily modified to accommodate special applications.


Areas of application

Coal fired power plants (FGD):

  • Limestone Slurry
  • Hydrated Lime Slurry
  • Gypsum Slurry
  • High Chlorides Water
  • Ash

Waste incineration plants:

  • Dosing of HCl washing water (prewasher)
  • Dosing of the lime milk for the absorber (pH regulation, desulphurisation)

Dye production:

  • Dosing of TiO2 suspension with sulphuric acid
  • Diluted acid preparation


  • Dosing of copper suspension with acid content


  • Alternatives to PTFE / PFA lined valves when the media is abrasive
  • Alternatives to valve manufactured from special materials (e.g. Hastelloy, titanium, etc.)

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