Ball valve KST-HT

Cera Valve

Ball valve KST-HT

The CeraValve type KST-HT is a ceramic lined ball valve for the open / close function and the control tasks for use in excessive abrasive and corrosive media at temperatures above 300 °C / 570 °F. Special housing and ceramic materials permit solutions of up to 950 °C / 1740 °F. The basic principle is based on the floating ball design. The seats are rigid (fixed), The ball has a defined clearance and is pressed against the downstream seat by the differential pressure, sealing it. The ¼-turn movement of the ball between 0 and 90 ° releases an accurately defined opening cross-section. The geometric shape of the ball defines the function and control characteristics. This ball valve has a “three part body” design. Consequently, it can be adapted to existing pipelines and the flow and control characteristics can be optimised. These valves are available with manual lever or gear box, as well as with pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators. The actuator is mounted by means of a yoke and adapter arrangement. All customary actuators can be used as part-turn valve actuators. Special connections are possible.


Areas of application

Steel works:

  • Ore direct reduction (DRI), ore-air mixture at 750 °C / 1380 °F

Dye production:

  • Cl2-Gas with Ti3 Cl4 at 800 °C / 1470 °F with Ti slurry and coke


  • Control of trichlorosilane (TCS) at 500 °C / 932 °F
  • Conveying of Si3 Cl4 at 400 °C / 752 °F


  • Catalyst “cracking” process 750 °C / 1380 °F
  • Recycling of FCC catalyst 400-600 °C / 752-1110 °F


  • Biomass to combustible gas (pyrolysis)
  • 600-800 °C / 1110-1470 °F

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