Cyclone – distributor box – feed shoe – multi-hole screen – static mixer

Cera Engineering

Cyclone – distributor box – feed shoe – multi-hole screen – static mixer

Understandably, individual components such as pipe bends and T-pieces are only used in combination with many others in the system. It is therefore obvious that corresponding solutions are offered for such systems. Similar conditions and thus also comparable loads as in pipe bends and T-pieces are in distributor devices such as V-boxes, feed shoes and jet distributors, in throttle systems (pinhole orifice plates and multi-hole orifice plates), in mixing systems such as static mixers and flotation mixing chambers, in cyclones and nozzles for spraying to find suspensions (full cone nozzles).
Cera System therefore offers ceramic solutions for particularly stressed system components as well as complete system solutions.

That also includes:

  • Trace heating and cooling
  • Internal and external insulation
  • Support systems to compensate for thermal expansion


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